How Can Actions Change Your Mindset? Overcome Anxiety with a New Mindset

What Is a Mindset And Why Is It So Important?

If I asked you to define “mindset” you would probably think of it as a state of mind or an attitude towards life, and essentially speaking, you would be right. But a mindset is a little more than that.

What Types of Mindset Are There?

According to Carol Dweck, an American psychologist, and professor at Stanford University, there are two kinds of mindsets: growth mindset and fixed mindset.

Can a Mindset Be Changed?

Yes! Mindsets can, fortunately, be changed, but like many other great things in life, it will take hard work and many emotional journeys.

How to Change My Mindset?

Glad you ask! In my experience, the easiest way to change your mindset is changing your actions, but of course, you can’t change your actions if you don’t change your thoughts first.

Change Your Actions

If you don’t feel like searching much in your head for those things that make you feel angry or sad all the time, I recommend taking action first.

Stop with The Mental Storytelling

Overthinking helps no one. It has never helped anyone and it never will. If you have an obsessive personality, you must be familiar with those long nights where you would make up stories in your mind about something that’s happening in real life too.

Clean Your House

Part of being an active decision-maker in your life also means being the adult you need to be.

Be The Best Person You Know You Can Be

When I tried this I decided to do something good for one person every day. And of course, there were days where I would get out of my bed and had no idea how I could do something good under heavy rain on a Sunday morning, but there’s always something, you just need to see it.

Set Short Term Goals

There’s this interesting thing about humans. We want to satisfy our necessities immediately, and living in the XXI century, with 5G, smartphones and watches, streaming TV, and food delivery, no wonder that whim is so strong these days.

Accept your Failures

And more importantly: accept that you will fail again.



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