Master The Art Of Communication: 5 Key Principles

  1. Become an expert at listening
  1. Less is more
  1. Focus on the work, not the person
  1. Sell your ideas with stories.
  1. Focus on developing trust.
  • Keep your word. This goes beyond just telling the truth. Even if you do not lie outright, but omit information, or speak in a way that lacks the entirety of the truth, may result in a lack of trust and/or will damage the trust you already have worked hard to establish with your team.
  • Show how much you care and respect each of your team members. Their trust will increase naturally when they feel like you care about them and respect them.
  • Be consistent with your actions. If your team finds that you are acting in a way that contradicts the words you delivered to them, it can permanently erode the trust that your team has for you and make communication and the ability to lead them very difficult.



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Baz Porter

Baz Porter

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