The 7 Key Mindset Attitudes

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4 min readSep 18, 2022


As a result of the many trials and tribulations throughout his life, Baz Porter came to discover 7 Key Mindset Attitudes. After being brought to the terrifying brink of his personal physical and mental limitations a number of times, he eventually realized that everything he experienced was based on old thought patterns which he held tightly.

You may already be aware that what we think about inwardly eventually becomes a manifestation in our outside reality. However, conquering control of our mindset is generally easier said than done! To be successful, transforming one’s mindset requires persistence and patience while allowing yourself the necessary time to dedicate to raising your thought vibration inwardly.

The 7 Key Mindset Attitudes transform the basic principles used to change your mindset.

“Flipping the Switch” in order to Change Your Mindset

Step 1 — Define the single most destructive limiting belief you have. Examine your excuses, resentments, fears, and self-criticism.

Step 2 — On a sheet of paper, write down the limiting belief. For example, “I am bad at math.”

Step 3 — Write down the new positive mindset you would like to have. For example, “I am good at math and getting better every day.”

Step 4 — Identify the circumstances that typically bring negative thinking to the forefront. For example, “Anticipating a math test, being called on in math class, or when studying with friends.”

Step 5 — When a negative thought or emotion arises:

  • Imagine your left temple is the ‘OFF’ button for the old version of you. Gently press the button to turn off the negative thought.
  • Imagine your right temple is the ‘ON’ button for the new and improved version of you. Gently press that button and start saying the new positive mindset in your mind. For example, “I am good at math and getting better every day.”

Step 6 — Each day, go back to your sheet of paper and journal your activity for the day. If in an open classroom setting or with a child, it is a good idea to have a 20–30 minute discussion each week.

Step 7 — Execute this process for 3 weeks or until the new thinking doesn’t feel like such a conscious effort. At this point, you have successfully mastered your mindset training.

I remained aware of 5 areas of conscious thought on my journey. They are the blueprint to my success

1. Service

It is of utmost importance to quantify how much you value yourself. You have to decide what you are worth. For instance, if your perceived worthiness of yourself is less than what your desired outward manifestation is, you will not be able to put yourself into the balanced state required for you to attract outwardly what you are desiring within you. In essence, YOU must first feel worthy of that which you desire! Whatever services you personally will ultimately be of service to humanity!

2. Mindfulness

When we practice mindfulness, we are aware of each thought and every thought process. Therefore, we must pay attention to our inward thoughts because they are directly connected to our outside reality. In doing this, we are able to project only that which is good, pure, and of a high vibration from the inside. In essence, we are vibrating at a level called “like for like”, simply meaning that inward thought projects outwardly and causes a ripple effect of a high vibration. Mindfulness can also be achieved through meditation and prayer. Meditation and prayer are the practice of breathing from the diaphragm in stillness while recognizing and allowing thought to pass through. Being present in the moment will allow you to be still and able to bring the mind back into a harmonious balance.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is the right attitude! If you find gratitude in every little thing and recognize it, you can change your perception of everything in your life. Being grateful for the smallest thing can attract an abundance of bigger things in a very short space of time. With the right Attitude of Gratitude, little things become big things. Even if you think small and stay in gratitude, big things can amaze you by becoming even greater. Never forget to be thankful for the things immediately in front of you… the breakfast on your table, your morning cup of hot coffee or tea, or waking up next to the one you love. In the blink of an eye, all of this can disappear. Remember to be thankful for absolutely everything you have in your life!

4. Dream Big

The bigger you are able to dream, the fewer limitations you are self-imposing on yourself. Remain humble as your dreams increase in size. Dreaming Big does not come from ego. Big dreams reflect true heartfelt desire. By thinking big, you begin to automatically attract that which matches your expanding inside vibration. Creating what you want is nothing to be ashamed of or to brag about. Bragging will vibrationally change those energies that attract your desires. This is a strong reminder to everyone to remain humble!

5. Get Moving

Big dreams necessitate formulating a Plan of Action. Take positive steps every single day to achieve what you desire. Create dreams outside of any perceived limits. You may have heard or even repeated the old mystical command “Abracadabra!” The Hebrew translation is: “What we speak, we create!” In order to achieve this, we must have a strong, pure intention emanating from within us. Our creative desires are not limited to one thing but remain infinite. Be mindful of every thought process and thought pattern originating from previous life experiences that no longer serve you. You are now creating a “New You” by using the principles of Mindfulness, Gratitude, Big Dreaming, and Action to attract your desires!



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